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Reviews for She-Wolfe in Silk Stockings

She-Wolfe in the Shadows

F.B. Nobles

Crystal Publishing, LLC

978-1-942624-72-1 $15.95

She-Wolfe in the Shadows describes Doctor Ava Wolfe, who has it all: intelligence, a career, and wealth. So much so that she attracts the attention of wannabe lover Sean “Mac” MacIntosh, who envisions riding on her coattails of success.

Ava's intelligence keeps her from falling prey to his plot. Indeed, HE becomes the victim when he vanishes and involves the community and Ava in finding out the truth.

F.B. Nobles keeps the action fast-paced as both Ava and Mac's perspectives are presented: "Threaten me, will she? Take away my clubs? How can I get and keep this bitch I had to marry off balance? Mac thought. She may be beautiful, but she is also conniving, cunning and mean."

Ava's mission of revenge has made Mac persona non grata in Halifax. But just-as-clever Mac fosters his own schemes and connections, so the cat-and-mouse game of revenge is elevated by the plays each make (financially, psychologically, and socially) to discredit one another in the community.

Readers who like stories of control, manipulation, and unexpected developments will appreciate the chess-like strategies Mac and Ava employ to deal with one another.

As each extend (and overextend) their influences, readers are treated to a rollicking ride through clashing special interests and intelligence tests that keeps them wondering about outcomes and changing perspectives.

From investigations and counter-moves to romance and how Ava moves from thinking to feeling, Nobles crafts a story of intrigue and love that is both entertaining and in which gold-diggers and lovers get what they asked for, albeit in unexpected ways.

Neither fully a mystery nor a romance, She-Wolfe in the Shadows excels in creating a sense of intrigue and psychological inspection that pits two agile and savvy contenders against one another.

It seems unlikely that an acrimonious divorce will lead to true love, but somehow this happens, in an unanticipated manner. This will delight readers rooting for Ava's goal of living 'happily ever after.'

Those who seek an equally powerful pairing of fiery personalities and purposes and elements of intrigue and self-examination will relish She-Wolfe in the Shadows, which should be on the shelves of any romance or mystery library, recommended for readers who look for unexpected twists and depth in both genres.

Review Provided by:

Diane Donovan,

Senior Reviewer

Midwest Book Review.

Like, wow! I finished your book this morning. You had me at the first paragraph.

Good to see a book with a strong female character that is intelligent and beautiful and can handle herself well. Kudos to you. Loved Ava's payback.

Debbie L., Halifax, NS

That book was a great read. Enjoyed it very much. You write like the late Mary Higgins Clarke. Thank you again.

Darlene G., Halifax, NS

Love the book Frances! You did a great job!​

Kathleen O., Halifax, NS

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