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About the Author

F.B. Nobles lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. She enjoys all the Maritime provinces have to offer—breathtaking scenery, delicious food, and friendly people. She finds inspiration in everything and everyone around her.

Frances was a legal assistant for twenty-five years. She retired as a Microsoft Word Document Architect and Forensic Document Specialist. Subsequently, she owned a document production consulting service. She and the business were both  known as The Document Diva. Frances continues to assist with Microsoft Word issues.  

Frances loves to read; it started at an early age when she read the paper with her father at about age four. This trend continued when her mother introduced her to Nancy Drew Mysteries. Her favourite authors are Sydney Sheldon And Truman Capote. She has devoured their words. Her favourite director, producer and screenwriter is Alfred Hitchcock for allowing her imagination to create the ending.

Frances’ interests include travel, reading, writing, cooking, cooking shows, documentaries, reality shows, crafting, sewing, creating, research, new learning experiences. Her pet peeve is selfish, unaware people.

The inspiration for this book came from anyone who ever said to Frances, “You should write a book.”. Her characters are fictional and are in no way based on any individual(s), living, or dead.

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